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Helping Your Child

Screenings and Evaluations

Screenings are offered to identify potential speech and/or language deficits. If there does appear to be a need, an evaluation will be recommended. 

A Speech-Language evaluation is an in-depth analysis of your child's communication needs. Evaluations include assessment administration, scoring, and interpretation; and a complete written report. 

Teacher and Young Student

Individual Therapy

Speech therapy services will be conducted in person or via tele-practice. Private virtual therapy sessions can be conducted via a secure, HIPAA compliant tele-therapy platform.

Blooming Communicators is able to provide specialized treatment for:

  Speech Sound Disorders (Apraxia/Articulation/Phonological Disorders) 

  Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)

  Receptive & Expressive Language

  Natural Language Acquisition for Gestalt Language Processors

Child In Speech Therapy

IEP Related/Supplemental IEP Services

Did Not Qualify for School Services?

  If your child received an evaluation by your school district and was 

  found ineligible for speech therapy services, but you feel your child

  still has communication needs, Blooming Communicators can help

  assist with communication in an individualized one on one setting. 

School Break/IEP Goal Maintenance

  Attending speech therapy at Blooming Communicators over a

  school break ensures your child continues to receive

  support on their communication goals over the summer or during a

  break in the school year.  

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Services: Services
School Contracts

Blooming Communicators is happy to partner with local school districts and special educators to help support the needs of students who require speech and language services to meet their academic needs. Services can be provided in-person or via tele-practice. 

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