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Screenings are offered to identify potential speech and/or language deficits.

Screening procedures include observations, informal data collection, time to screen and review results with the client's parent/guardian to determine if further evaluation is recommended.



Evaluations include assessment administration, scoring, interpretation, and a written report.

If your child has been evaluated within the past year, the cost of the evaluation may be waived
Individual Therapy

50 minute sessions $150

25 minute sessions $75

Therapy sessions are available in person or via tele-practice

Helping Your Child Grow

Speech therapy at Blooming Communicators can help your child grow in the following areas:

Intelligibility/Speech Sounds

Is your child's speech difficult to understand? Difficulty with intelligibility (speech clarity) may be caused by one or multiple reasons. Depending on the reason, if it’s treated using the wrong approach, progress will be slow or even stagnant!

At Blooming Communicators, we provide skilled therapy to address:

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Phonological Disorders

  • Articulation Disorders

  • "R" Therapy

Ms. Crystal provides a detailed and thorough assessment to determine the true nature of your child’s difficulty with speaking clearly. Additionally, Ms. Crystal is listed on the Apraxia Kids Directory as a skilled provider in treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech. 


Ms. Crystal is also able to identify and provide treatment for co-occurring language impairments/delays. 

Early Language/Early Intervention 

Do you feel like your toddler or young child might be delayed in reaching their communication milestones

Getting started with early intervention sessions at Blooming Communicators can provide the boost your child needs to start communicating with their first words.


Parent participation is always welcome in speech therapy and is encouraged to help parents learn strategies for the continued development of communication skills long after your therapy session has ended.

Blooming Communicators is a proud partner of Inland Regional Center and provides services for Early Start families. For more information, click here!

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